Irene Reti Photography

Photography is prayer, meditation, listening, connection, discovery, distillation, poetry. Light streams through the glass eye of my camera, translating the forms of the universe into a digital language that opens my heart. Through landscape photography, I become Condor, become Crane, become Reed, become Thundercloud pressing against illuminated mountains. What is this experience of Oneness, but a felt sense of ecology, of the interconnectedness of life, of awe, which transports us outside of ourselves? It is that sense of awe I seek to transmit through my photography.

My mother and father gifted me with a love for the landscapes of California and the West. They took me on camping trips to Lassen National Park and the Eastern Sierra. It was there that I first discovered landscape photography. That love of nature inspired me to pursue a degree in environmental studies at UC Santa Cruz. Over the decades, I have also honed my craft as a writer and small press book publisher and devoted myself to a career as an oral historian. I synthesize my photography with my storytelling, writing, and book design skills. I believe photography can offer redemption, hope, and joy during a time of radical uncertainty.

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