Irene Reti Photography

Photography is prayer, meditation, listening, connection, discovery, distillation, poetry. Light streams through the glass eye of my camera, translating poppies, waves, granite cliffs, fallen leaves, sleeping cats, the forms of the universe into a digital language that opens the aperture of my heart. I am a child again, playing at the edge of the world as the sun casts gold leaf across the horizon, sea lapping at my tripod steady at the shore, dinner forgotten.

They say photographs freeze time, but it is the photographer who wanders suspended through a frosted field at dawn, who kneels in the mud in service of the light, who emerges from the park blinking, and misses the bus to work.

As a writer, publisher of HerBooks/Juniper Lake Press, and oral historian at the UCSC Library’s Regional History Project, I have dedicated my life to documenting the world through words. Now, at 51, I dare to call myself a visual artist. Yet, I do not create alone, for photographs are co-created by the intra-action of the Great Mystery, the photographer, and you who contemplate these images.

Photo of the photographer above is reprinted courtesy of John Byrne.